What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a CPA (cost per acquisition) based marketing channel that helps grow your business with little of the risk of traditional advertising.

With an affiliate program, you only pay for completed sales referred by your affiliates or publishers. Your affiliates become your brand ambassadors, promoting your business on your behalf, knowing that their success is directly linked to yours. An affiliate program brings your business to more customers than you could reach on your own, and because you only pay when a customer makes a purchase, you can easily control your ROI.


What We Do

Full Account Management 

It’s a common misconception that running an affiliate program is an easy side task for an in-house manager who checks in with affiliates every so often. However, for affiliate marketing to really work, accounts need daily attention. We are expert at managing every aspect of your affiliate account within the affiliate network.

This includes everything from launching your account to strategy, recruitment, publisher communication, optimization, and all the day to day aspects of affiliate marketing. We leverage our longstanding relationships with top affiliates across all verticals to gain exposure for your brand.



Creative Services


We know your brand image is important, so we have an in-house graphic designer and copywriter to tailor all creative content to your brand’s standards. We design and create banners, ad copy, and more.

Search Policy Enforcement


Protecting your brand is important to us, and we work hard to ensure that affiliates are not bidding on prohibited search terms. We use a combination of proprietary crawlers and outsourced technology to monitor and protect your brand and trademark. We’ve also developed our own crawlers (proprietary technology) to monitor for infringement and enforce publisher compliance with program terms and brand restrictions.  




In addition to leveraging existing publisher relationships, we find and develop relationships with the publishers who are the best match for your business - ones who will drive sales for your program. We ensure that your program includes the right mix of publisher segment types: coupon, loyalty, shopping, content, deal, search, etc. based on your brand’s individual needs.


Product Catalog Management


Datafeed management of your products on the network including items lists, short hot lists, and more so publishers can easily promote the products they want. This aspect of an affiliate program is often overlooked due to the level of technical expertise required. Our developers are familiar with all the network specifications and can create and tweak the standard merchant feed to ensure it presents the information publishers need in a clear and concise manner.

Why Us


Blue Cherry Group is an affordable, full-service solution for managing, optimizing, and growing your affiliate program.

Transparent Reporting

We work with our clients to establish specific affiliate program KPIs, and provide you with customized detailed and transparent reporting.

Dedicated Team

On any given account, our team includes an account manager, account analyst, reporting and trademark monitoring team, as well as a technical support staff. Our experienced managers have launched and optimized dozens of affiliate programs, building them from the ground up, and they understand that each program requires a strategy tailored to your program’s specific needs and goals.

Years of ExperiencE

Our marketing expertise allows us to create exceptionally responsive selling opportunities both inside and outside the affiliate networks.

Network Relationships

Working closely with all major networks, Blue Cherry Group helps advertisers establish profitable partnerships with tens of thousands of affiliate partners that an in-house team typically does not have access to.

NEW Or Existing Programs

Whether you have an existing program that is not getting the attention or success you're expecting, or you're contemplating launching a brand new program, we have the expertise to take your business to the next level.