If you run a fashion blog, odds are you rely primarily on Google Adsense and sponsored posts to bring in revenue. You may not even be familiar with the term ‘affiliate’ and if you are, you might have thought it’s not for you. But there are some really compelling reasons your fashion blog needs to start hosting affiliate links.

First off, what is an affiliate?

Quite simply, an affiliate promotes a brand or product in exchange for commission each time a sale is made. Affiliates use tracking links provided by the merchant or affiliate network so that each click and sale is tracked, allowing the affiliate to be paid the appropriate commission on each order referred.

Why should you become an affiliate?

If your posts include outfits or style guides, you probably want to help your readers find the items featured, or items that are similar. Linking directly to the products helps your readers out, but it doesn’t put any money in your pocket. By joining the affiliate programs of the brands you like to promote, you can use affiliate links and earn a commission if any of the products you list are purchased by your readers.

You may be thinking, 'but I charge a fee to post about a specific product, why would I switch to using affiliate links?' The answer is, you don’t have to switch. Many brands are happy to pay for a dedicated post, and allow you to use affiliate links, in the hopes that at some point, even if you’re not doing a dedicated post, you’ll include a link to their store.

There are also many other posts you write that may not be sponsored. By using affiliate links, you can fill the lulls between sponsored posts and still earn money by using affiliate links to link to the products you mention.

And here’s the kicker. The best thing about affiliate links is that they let you earn money long after the income from a sponsored post is gone. With a sponsored post, you get a set fee up front and that’s it. With affiliate links, if a reader finds an old post of yours, months later, and clicks on a link to make a purchase, you’ll still get a commission, no matter how long it’s been since you posted. It doesn’t even have to be the exact item you posted. You’ll earn commission on anything your reader buys, throughout the entire site.

Affiliate links for bloggers is a no-brainer. Every time you post a link directly to a merchant’s website without using affiliate links, you’re forfeiting well-deserved income. You work hard on each and every post you create, and you deserve to be compensated for every sale you refer.


Do you use affiliate links? Let us know your experience with affiliate links in the comments below.