Maybe you've just hired an agency to launch your affiliate program. Maybe you've just made the transition from in-house to outsourced agency. In either case, the burning question at the forefront of your mind is, how do I make sure my affiliate program succeeds in the hands of this new agency? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

So many marketing managers and business owners make the mistake of thinking that the only involvement they need to have with their affiliate program, since they've hired an outsourced program manager, is to review the monthly reports and pay their bills on time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Without a steady stream of communication, how can your program manager be sure they are up to date on your latest promotions, new product launches or new initiatives?

We recommend setting up, at the very least, a bi-weekly call with your account manager to go over the latest updates in your business  and hear the latest opportunities your account manager has for you. If a call is too much of a time commitment, make sure to answer your program manager's emails promptly, and respond to new opportunities in a timely fashion.

Hold Them Accountable.

Sales can fluctuate week to week, and depending on your strategy, a variety of factors will come into play when it comes to measuring sales. But the one thing that should not fluctuate is the amount of effort put into your program. Make sure your agency is consistently bringing you new opportunities, recruiting new publishers, optimizing relationships and securing additional exposure for your brand

Don't Micromanage.

It can be very tempting to set up an email address for your account managers where you're cc'ed on every email they receive, but don't jump in and try to manage the program yourself when you've hired someone to do that for you. If you're holding your account managers accountable, and you're in steady communication with them, you should trust that they are doing their job. And that email you saw come through ten minutes ago? That will be handled.