What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing puts your business directly in front of people at the most critical point in the buying process, and when they’re most interested in hearing from you. With an effective SEM campaign, your business can target customers actively searching for your product or service; connecting with customers when they’re seeking you out and are interested in what you have to say. Much more than just search engine advertisements, paid search helps your business generate sales and raise brand awareness at a mobile, local, national, and/or global level through search engine text ads, banner ads, click-to-call, video, and product listing ads.

What We Do

We help identify your business' specific goals and implement a tailored PPC strategy to help meet your objectives. Our team of specialists puts together a plan that consists of any combination of the following campaign types:


Campaign Types



With keyword-targeted search ads, businesses bid on branded, generic, or competitor keywords people use to search for specific products or services online. These paid search ads appear either above the organic search results or along the sidebar.


Product Listings


Product listing ads, also known as Google shopping ads, appear alongside organic search results, featuring a photo of the item, its price, and the store’s name and link.




Remarketing campaigns re-target your website’s visitors, and appear as text search ads or banner display ads. Using browser cookies, a remarketing campaign retargets granularly, and includes both users who did and did not convert through shopping cart or form abandonment.




Display ads are multimedia and can include images, audio, and video -  placed on websites relevant to your consumer to generate sales and build your brand.



Google has a 40.5% share of the global mobile digital advertising market, making it the number one choice for PPC advertising. Your ads can appear on Google and its network of 5000+ partner sites (includes YouTube, major news sites, and a lion’s share of the internet at large).  Other campaign types, such as mobile apps, can be placed through Google as well.



Often neglected by digital marketing agencies due to its seemingly small 20% search engine market share, not only does Microsoft’s search engine have a lower cost-per-click than competitors, but it also includes device integration and boasts a wide network and partnerships with companies like Facebook and Amazon.


Why Us

Managing all aspects of a paid search account is a complex process requiring years of expertise and training, and our analytical and creative team has over two decades of combined experience. We are experts in marketing strategy, developer assistance, and the fast-paced and constantly changing Google-developed analytics and management tools. We also have an in-house graphic designer and copywriter who handle full creative strategy for your ads and campaigns.

We take time and care so that you make money on every campaign. We work closely with our clients, and ultimately teach you how to market yourself better.  


Understand Your Goals

Our strategy is not a one-size-fits-all approach. No campaign is begun before we do extensive research on your brand, its audience, and your products or services; helping you define what success really means for your company. Having expert knowledge of your industry and the ins and outs of your business model, we tailor specific strategies to meet your unique needs.


Track, Measure, and Report

We consistently track and measure traffic, conversions, and rankings to ensure your account is measurable, cost-effective, highly targeted, and creates maximum value. Our transparent, easy to understand weekly reports are automatically sent to your team and will be discussed during clients calls.

Research and Analysis

Before any campaigns are created or implemented, our team does extensive research about your brand, its audience, and your products or services.


Account Management

Our team works closely with you to create detailed and insightful custom-built campaigns tailored to your products, services, and customers.


Optimize and Innovate

Because we understand the digital marketplace is ever-changing, our team members check in with accounts on a daily basis to optimize campaigns and make changes to ensure maximum return and profitability.

Technical Expertise

Whether it’s creating your Google Merchant Center, Webmaster Tools, Tag Manager, Analytics, and AdWords accounts, or discussing site changes with your site developer, our team has the technical know-how and expertise to suggest, implement, and verify proper technical modifications.